My Secret Weapon Will Make Your Romantic Love Letters Truly Unique!

"Can You Imagine What Your Lover Will DO After They Absorb All the Beautiful Details of Your Romantic Letter...Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!"

Do you ever wish you could write an exquisite love letter that would capture your beloved's heart? Read on to find out how fast and easy it is!

If you've struggled in the past trying to write a love letter, THEN this may be the most important letter you'll ever read.

But if you're like most people you struggle knowing what to write. Don't worry, you're not alone. Heaps of people get stuck when it comes to sitting down and putting their emotions on paper. It sure isn't easy.

Over the years I'd mentioned to friends that my husband and I write love letters to each other and how writing love letters dramatically improved our relationship. While most of our friends knew writing love letters could strengthen their relationships too, they allowed their insecurities about their own writing ability to stop them from taking action. That made me feel sad because I knew from my own experience how much more meaningful their relationships could be, if there were only able to express their emotions on paper.

So I decided to write an ebook to help people write their own romantic love letters.

"101 Romantic Love Letters" is the perfect solution for you if you are unable to write a letter that you are happy with, or simply don't have time to make your love letter a masterpiece.


Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but the moments that take our breath away...

You will have love letters at your finger tips for all of these special occasions and moods...

These letters aren't the same old stuff you'll find everywhere. What makes them so special - apart from the fact that they've been written by someone who has spent 19 years perfecting the craft of writing love letters?

Two words - writing prompts. If you're not a professional writer you may not have heard of writing prompts but they are commonly referred to as 'idea joggers' and 'brain starters'. Writing prompts are used by writers everywhere to help spark their creativity.

Your letters will come to life with your unique input!

What would you expect to pay for a love letter written specifically for you to use?

If you were to hire a writer to write 101 love letters for you then you could expect to pay at least $5000 (assuming they can write 1 love letter per hour at a standard rate of $50 per hour)! That's a lot of money for having instant access to love letters for any occasion!!

You can get the whole book - 101 love letters - for the small price of just $19.97 - that's less than 20 cents per letter! What do you get for 20 cents these days? Not much. And definitely not a heartfelt way to show your beloved how much you care about them. You can have instant access right now and be putting your letter together in just a few minutes.

(I reserve the right to lift the price at anytime. So if you buy right now you're guaranteed to get it at this price I had originally intended to price it at $29 but in order to build awareness about the book in the marketplace, I decided to offer it at $19.97. Demand for this book is increasing rapidly, so any day now I'll probably raise my price to $29 like I originally intended).
love letter guarantee graphic

It doesn't matter what time of the day it is (Even if it's 3:00 in the morning).

But wait, there's more...if you act right now you will also receive...

That is over 220 love messages! Your Investment: Only $19.97 with my 100% no-hassle money back guarantee.

And if you're not totally thrilled, you get a 100% instant refund plus you get to keep the book and all of the bonuses for free!
(over $100.00 value!)

Click to Securely Order '101 Romantic Love Letters'

Only $19.97


Wishing you love and laughter.


Jill Brennan

P.S. The special bonuses that I am offering you today is subject to change at any time. If you want to make sure you receive them with "101 Romantic Love Letters" secure them here today. Some bonuses maybe removed in the future as I may decide to sell them as separate products.

P.P.S DON'T FORGET, you have two months to be totally satisfied with these letters. If you decide that the letters are not for you, then just write for a refund. No questions asked and you get to keep the book and all the bonuses (Valued at over $100.00 Free). I want you to know that you can order these letters risk-free!

Still not sure? Here's what other satisfied customers had to say:
"Your letters have helped me to jump-start my writing libido!"

"I have been a freelance writer for the last eight years and fortunately, almost never experience writer's block. (Freelancers can't afford the luxury of writer's block!)

However, even though I write daily as a profession, I found that I'd freeze up when attempting to express my inner feelings to a special man in my life. My emotions would just whirl inside me. Your letters have helped me to jump-start my writing libido!

So, thank you for your help. Even those who write to earn our daily bread can use some inspiration (or perhaps courage!) when it comes to expressing our own personal feelings of love and passion."

Caroline M, USA
"I'll be getting years of value out of these letters..."

"My husband just loved the letter I presented him with just after the birth of our first child, a girl. The moment was that special. I'm so glad I could capture all the things I wanted to say and let him know exactly how I was feeling. I can see I'll be getting years of value out of these letters. Thanks again."

Mary Wallace, Sacramento, California
"This is more then what i expected!"

"OMG!! (oh my god) I want to thank you so much for sending me this. This is more then what i expected! i have read them all already and want to give all of them to my boyfriend today. I can't even decide what one to give him. These are so perfect! it's what i always want to tell him I just don't know how.

And the ones to special people! Those are great! My mom and I haven't been getting along that great lately and this letter i know wil help everything! I can't tell you how happy i am to be able to tell everyone expecially the one i love and want to be with for the rest of my life how i feel about them and how much the mean to me! Thank you so much for creating this book!!!"

Manda Graffam, Illinois, USA
"These letters are simply awesome and fabulous."

"These letters are simply awesome and fabulous. There are a lot of letters, emails, notes and messages to choose from. I started to use the sample letters of jill since I recieved the samples. Many of my friends were amazed where did I get the samples. I told them they should get a copy too. I used one of the sample love letters to my new friend. Then she was so flattered and happy. She said the letter is so unique."

John de Guia, Manila, The Philippines
"I've always wanted to say things but didn't know how to say it"

"just wanted to thank you for this product. it really helps in putting what you feel down on paper. i've always wanted to say things but didn't know how to say it."

Yoshiaki Sasaki, Sapporo, Japan.
"I've used several letters many times"

"I have used whole letters and used bits and pieces of several letter many times since I purchased your ebook. when I haven't found the correct words to say how I actually feel inside your book has helped me. Sincerely....Thank you! "

Candice, St Clair Shores, USA
"very helpful! inspiring!"

Stefano, Hong Kong
"Your book is unbelievable"

"I want to thank you for your wonderful book. I feel your book is very helpful and things are going well in the right direction for the first time. Your book is unbelievable, they help me just in the way I hope and more than that, it is very impressive. I am so glad that I ordered your book."

Jesus Q, Hagtatna, Guam
"It's hard to find the right words in order to express special feelings"

"Very Useful! Sometimes it's hard to find the right words in order to express special feelings. 101 love letters has proven to be invaluable for me; as have the wonderful bonuses! Keep up the good work Jill...!!!!!!!!!"

Gilberte, Brussels Belgium
"it's been great, very helpful"

Ken Snyder, Lancaster, USA
"Easy to use"

"You are awesome and these letters and notes are excellent, and easy to use. Thank you!"

Jared, Cedar Hills, UT, USA
"Thank you!"

"Thank you Jill . For sending me all these idea .. They are al ready becoming a part of my daily activities and my Lady hasn't got a clue how this is my thoughts and not someone else ...I guess in a way...they are my thoughts I just didn't know how to make them appear. Once again, Thank you! "

Jack, UK
"Thanks you for your letters. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!"

Ann Brown, USA
"It really helps in putting what you feel down on paper"

"just wanted to thank you for this product. it really helps in putting what you feel down on paper. i've always wanted to say things but didn't know how to say it."

Alex Turner, California, USA
"The letters are great"

"I think the letters are great. I like the SMS too!! And the 'secret letters' too. :)"

Bill Brockmiller, Wisconsin, USA
"I love these letters!"

Alex, Denver, USA
"Thank you very much"

"i like the 101 love letters i haven't use all of it at this time but i well be in next day of two. thank you very much."

Sammie, Hester, USA

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